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My Sister's Birthday

“Today is my birthday! Today is my birthday!” My 6 year old sister yells repeatedly. “Happy birthday!” I tell her. “Thank you, Vihaan!” She replies. “Happy birthday! But you still have school. We will celebrate after your school ends, okay?” My mom cuts in. “Okay,” She says. After she brushes her teeth and drinks milk, she keeps bugging my dad, saying, “Since today is my birthday, you have to take me to Sky Zone trampoline park. Also you have to get Subway for me, okay?” “Happy birthday! We will se-“ “And Dollarama!” My sister interrupts. “Yes, we will go there after your school and tennis class,” My dad gives in. “Your school is starting!” My mom reminds her. “Wait! One second, follow me,” I tell her. “Okaaaayyyy….” She replies suspiciously.

What I was about to show her was something that I was eagerly waiting to show her for around two weeks. You see, two weeks before her birthday, she and my dad were about to go to Dollarama because she beat our dad in a best of three 7-point tiebreak. They were about to go when I asked if I could come too because I had a surprise for her that I wanted to buy (I didn’t say that, of course). They said yes but they were a little bit suspicious because I never go to any shops, like ever. So, I came along and I bought 2 presents for her but I didn’t tell her. The two presents were a pack of pencils and a pack of glow-in-the-dark necklaces. I actually gave her the pack of pencils exactly 1 week before her birthday because she was upset and I wanted to cheer her up.

Anyways, I told her to follow me and she did somewhat suspiciously, thinking it might be some sort of prank. I took the pack of glow-in-the-dark out of its hiding spot and gave it to her. “Surprise!” I said. “Wow! Thank you! But I was hoping for something better,” She said, trying to make an innocent sad face. “I can’t get you anything else right now, and I already got you two presents,” I said, noticing the fake sad face. “Okay,” She replies. “It’s nine! Come here!” My mom calls. “Coming!” She replies. “Go, otherwise your teacher will mark you absent!” I tell her. “I’m going!” She says, slightly annoyed.

After her school and her tennis class is over, my dad gets Subway, her cake, chips, and cupcakes because my sister requested this. Even though we didn’t go to Dollarama and Sky Zone that day, we still went to both those places the week after her birthday. When we did go to Dollarama, she got a lot of toys because she is constantly bored at home. Also, when we jumped in Sky Zone, we had a lot of fun, especially playing dodgeball on trampolines! How cool is that?! “How would you say your birthday was?” I asked her a few days later. “It was pretty bad because I only got one toy, but I was expecting two toys and a pretty dress,” She replied. Even after all this, she is still not satisfied. “Are you kidding me?” I asked her in astonishment. “No,” She replies.

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