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  • Vihaan Reddy

Score Flip!

"Deuce,” said my opponent. He served a good one. I returned and he hit out. “Ad-in!” he said. “Wait, wait, wait! It is ad-out, not ad-in,” I replied. “No, it’s ad-in. And I’m calling the referee,” he said. I shrugged my shoulders. I was playing a match in Florida. It was extremely hot and humid. I was down 4-5 in the first set.  But then my mind went back in time. “Out!” my opponent said. “That ball was in!” I replied. “No, it wasn’t,” he said. I got the referee and came back since the ball was on the line. “Can you stay on court?” I asked. “Sure,” he responded. “Out!” my opponent said a few points later. “Overrule! The ball was in,” the referee responded. Then, my mind came back to its senses. “I hope he isn’t going to cheat now. It’s such a crucial game in the match!” I thought. Now, he got the referee here. “So, I was up 40-0,” my opponent says. “What?!It’s ad-out!” I reply angrily. “Okay, calm down. We’ll start in the middle: 40-30,” the referee says. “But it’s ad-out!” I argue. “No, we’re starting from 40-30,” the referee says. This is just unbelievable! I felt the anger rise up in me. I lost that point and the set. “Why did you dropshot? Should I forfeit the match? This is unexceptable! Such a huge cheater! I mean, why would you want to do that?! I mean, like why?!” I thought to myself. But I was too enraged to forfeit. The next two games, I crushed him left and right without giving him a single point. “Let’s go! Come on!” I kept on shouting. “Let’s go, Vihaan! Come on! Crush him! Cripple that cheater!” I thought to myself. I was hitting like a hammer and moving like lightning. However, the fire lit under me was put out. I lost the next six games and the match, too. The final score was 4-6, 2-6 from my side. After the match, I was still enraged. “Oh, that cheater… next time you play him, you are going to crush him 6-0, 6-0,” I thought angrily to myself.I knew that if he didn’t flip the score, I could have won the first set which would have put him under tremendous pressure. If he was under lots of pressure, I could have capitalized and won the match.

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